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Introducing CoppaFeel and the West Midlands Boobettes - Fundraising

CoppaFeel is a charity that promotes activities that lead to the early detection of breast cancer.

To share inspirational stories of Boobettes across the West Midlands and help the charity with their essential fundraising activities.

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Health & wellbeing
17 Oct 2017 - FreeTimePays

Can you help Kirsty and the West Midlands boobettes?

At the age of 33, Kirsty was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  Now Kirsty, a very active Boobette and campaigner for the early detection of cancer, is approaching her 40th birthday and is looking to run a fundraising event in the West Midlands.

BirminghamWeAre is calling out to businesses and the community and is looking for help get this off the ground.  Connect with us using the link, and let's give this brave and inpirational lady all the help she deserves. 


This cause is so important to Kirsty. 


As she says "I would love some help with this; venue, photo booth, food, entertainment and most importantly prizes that we can raffle off and raise lots of money! The cooler the better!


It would be so very much appreciated, and with 1 in 8 women diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes, we need to make sure these women are diagnosed at the earliest stages possible and have the best chance of living a full and amazing life."

Please get in touch and let's make this happen!

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Health & wellbeing
16 Oct 2017 - FreeTimePays

People inspired - Kirsty, a Boobette diagnosed with breast cancer at 33

Kirsty Ward, at the age of 33 was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Almost 7 years on and Kirsty, by sharing her story, wants other people to learn from her mistakes. Breast cancer can hit women and men of all ages.  Self-check!   


Kirsty was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 33. The tumour was 12cm and so advanced that the treatment started within weeks and was intense and severe.



Kirsty never knew anyone her age could be affected by breast cancer, and she had never been told that self-checking for symptoms of breast cancer was important and something she should have been doing regularly. Had she known this, maybe her diagnosis would have been much sooner and the cancer less advanced than it was.


Kirsty found out about CoppaFeel at the end of her treatment, reading an article that the awesome Kris Hallenga had written.



After going to CoppaFeel HQ, she knew she wanted to be a ‘Boobette’ and to raise awareness of the importance of self checking and knowing the signs and symptoms.


Kirsty has been to schools, colleges and businesses, raising awareness of the charity, telling her story and how important it is that people are checking their boobs and their pecs at least one a month!


West Midlands Fire Service have put CoppaFeel shower stickers in their changing rooms across all of their stations since Kirsty visited them, which Kirsty says is incredible. "If I help encourage one person to go to their GP if something doesn’t feel right, then I have done my job right, however I am hoping it is much more than that!" says Kirsty.


"I was one of the lucky ones and nearing my 40th birthday, I want to do something pretty spectacular for this incredible charity. We rely on donations and as one of the Midlands Boobettes, I am arranging a fundraiser next year."




Let's help Kirsty get this event off the ground!  Use the link to get in touch with us and we'll hook you up.  

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