Introducing University Hospitals Birmingham Charity

University Hospitals Birmingham Charity, registered charity number 1165716, is the official charity of University Hospitals Birmingham. They do great work, support them and your wonderful NHS.

Fundraiser of the month!

What is your Challenge 34?  Take Part HERE


There are 34 miles between the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Heartlands Hospital, Solihull Hospital and Good Hope Hospital.

UHBC are asking you to take on your Challenge34 during the month of February. You could run or walk 34 miles, read 34 books, exercise for 34 minutes a day; or come up with your own Challenge34. Get creative and help support our NHS this February!

We love the NHS and the work of our wonderful NHS staff.


A thank you to the NHS in a floral display in Victoria Square. Photography by Daniel Sturley.

UHB Charity is an umbrella charity, made up of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity, Heartlands Hospital Charity, Good Hope Hospital Charity and Solihull Hospital Charity.

In this feature, we show you how their work with community and their funding campaigns are helping the NHS and more specifically the essential work carried out at the University Hospitals across Birmingham.

Fundraising campaigns

Charity run by Bromsgrove School for UHB Charity.  Photography by UHB Charity

Webster & Horsfall Group supporting UHB Charity.  Photography by Webster & Horsfall.


Let us show you how with community help, the charity supports patients, families and staff at their hospitals by providing 'added extras' that are over and above that which is provided by the NHS.

First, let us first introduce you to the University Hospitals across Birmingham. 





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